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Capital Eye CTO presents at the Retail Solutions Africa Conference

November 1st, 2012 | Messages | 0 Comments

Capital Eye Chief Technology Officer, Neels van Tonder, presented at the 2012 Retail Solutions Africa Conference in Johannesburg, unpacking the technological and behavioural change-drivers within the retail industry from a South African and African context, and its implications with regard to an ‘untethered customer’, IT solutions, and the future of brick-and-mortar stores. This is the 2nd time that Neels has been invited to talk at the Retail Solutions Africa Conference, previously also speaking at the Retail Technology Forum in September 2011; his current presentation titled “How the Digital Revolution is Changing the South African Retail Industry”.

The ‘dawn of the untethered customer’ has announced the arrival of the 21st century consumer; always on the move, willing and able to utilise mobile technology to interact with each other as well as the retailer. Channels, models, and touch-points all constantly evolving as the consumer begins to access brands on their own terms, while brands begin to utilise in-depth consumer knowledge to focus market penetration. The result being an evolution to customer-centric IT solutions capable of delivering timely, efficient, and relevant information to consumers and retailers alike.

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