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Capital Eye Executive featured in CEO Magazine’s CEO 2 CEO Publication

June 1st, 2013 | Messages | 0 Comments

Capital Eye Executive, Anton Gaylard, was featured in CEO Magazine’s CEO 2 CEO publication titled “Bed down the plumbing for a Customer-centric business”. Anton unpacks the trends within customer-centric technologies, particularly the rationale behind moving from individual product services to platforms supporting Customer-centric architecture, agile and able to plug in and out of constantly evolving product offerings, collating and summarising data across channels.

As retailers begin to understand and engage with their customers using a variety of channels, Customer-centricity continues to be a key theme, enabling a retailer to collate multi-channelled data to form a holistic view of a single customer. Furthermore, the ability to integrate value added services onto Customer-centric platforms enables retailers to instantly engage with and offer their customers those services across channels, be it point-of-sale, loyalty scheme, website, or smartphone application; as easy as flipping a switch.

CEI is a private equity / venture capital company focusing purely on technology and associated assets, with a particular focus on emerging markets and the opportunities present in many African regions, investing behind both start-up and mature cash generating technology companies.

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