Capital Eye Executive invited by Visa to present to Nigerian Acquiring Banks in Lagos

Capital Eye Executive, Anton Gaylard, was joined by Emerge Mobile MD, Matthew Putman; invited by Visa to participate in a presentation to Nigerian Acquiring Banks on the trends and developments in banking and associated offerings in Lagos, Nigeria. Emerge Mobile were one of four international Mobile Point-of-Sale companies invited, highlighting the attractiveness of their broader MPOS solution in both local and international markets.

The fraud protection and security measures offered by EMV compliant chip and pin card acceptance devices have resulted in a growing movement to stipulate the use of such technology across commercial banks in many regions. Furthermore, infrastructural limitations in many developing markets make the combination of such technology in a mobile POS solution a very relevant, necessary and attractive offering.

CEI is a private equity / venture capital company focusing purely on technology and associated assets, with a particular focus on emerging markets and the opportunities present in many African regions, investing behind both start-up and mature cash generating technology companies.

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