Capital Eye Executive presents at the Annual Cards and Payments Africa Conference

Capital Eye Executive, Anton Gaylard, presented at the 2013 Annual Cards and Payments Africa conference held in Sandton, Johannesburg, unpacking the trends and developments within mobile payment technology and its link to the retail world. This is the 3rd time that Anton has been invited to talk at the conference, his presentation titled “The Facilitation of Mobile Transacting in Retail and the Advent of Social Commerce”.

Mobile continues to drive innovation as the focal touch-point in commercial, consumer and private interactions, spawning a plethora of startup businesses and technologies geared at enhancing and commercializing this evolving human experience. The continued evolution of money dating back to the 6th century BC, has seen the concept of legal tender progress from rare metals, to paper & ink, to plastic magnetic strips, to mobile technology and perhaps even ultimately to biometrical solutions, muddying the water between traditional and future custodians of such wallet.

CEI is a private equity / venture capital company focusing purely on technology and associated assets, with a particular focus on emerging markets and the opportunities present in many African regions, investing behind both start-up and mature cash generating technology companies.

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