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Capital Eye Executive featured in CEO Magazine’s CEO 2 CEO Publication

June 1st, 2013 | Messages | 0 Comments

Capital Eye Executive, Anton Gaylard, was featured in CEO Magazine’s CEO 2 CEO publication titled “Bed down the plumbing for a Customer-centric business”. Anton unpacks the trends within customer-centric technologies, particularly the rationale behind moving from individual product services to platforms supporting Customer-centric architecture, agile and able to plug in and out of constantly evolving product offerings, collating and summarising data across channels.

As retailers begin to understand and engage with their customers using a variety of channels, Customer-centricity continues to be a key theme, enabling a retailer to collate multi-channelled data to form a holistic view of a single customer. Furthermore, the ability to integrate value added services onto Customer-centric platforms enables retailers to instantly engage with and offer their customers those services across channels, be it point-of-sale, loyalty scheme, website, or smartphone application; as easy as flipping a switch.

CEI is a private equity / venture capital company focusing purely on technology and associated assets, with a particular focus on emerging markets and the opportunities present in many African regions, investing behind both start-up and mature cash generating technology companies.

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Capital Eye CTO presents at the Retail Solutions Africa Conference

November 1st, 2012 | Messages | 0 Comments

Capital Eye Chief Technology Officer, Neels van Tonder, presented at the 2012 Retail Solutions Africa Conference in Johannesburg, unpacking the technological and behavioural change-drivers within the retail industry from a South African and African context, and its implications with regard to an ‘untethered customer’, IT solutions, and the future of brick-and-mortar stores. This is the 2nd time that Neels has been invited to talk at the Retail Solutions Africa Conference, previously also speaking at the Retail Technology Forum in September 2011; his current presentation titled “How the Digital Revolution is Changing the South African Retail Industry”.

The ‘dawn of the untethered customer’ has announced the arrival of the 21st century consumer; always on the move, willing and able to utilise mobile technology to interact with each other as well as the retailer. Channels, models, and touch-points all constantly evolving as the consumer begins to access brands on their own terms, while brands begin to utilise in-depth consumer knowledge to focus market penetration. The result being an evolution to customer-centric IT solutions capable of delivering timely, efficient, and relevant information to consumers and retailers alike.

CEI is a private equity / venture capital company focusing purely on technology and associated assets, with a particular focus on emerging markets and the opportunities present in many African regions, investing behind both start-up and mature cash generating technology companies.

The technology landscape and related opportunities as currently seen by the Capital Eye CTO

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Technology has undeniably changed the way we communicate, read, play and even how we live. Ever since I was a kid, I have been greatly inspired by gadgets and so are there few things more exciting to me than when I get to test something entirely new or when some new technology with its inventive application comes along that makes our lives easier and more fun. At Capital Eye Investments, our technology investment strategy is driven by the firm belief that technology is not just about gadgets, physical things or software, but as importantly about the eco-systems (or platforms) that applications of technology can spawn, how these are then typically monetized through inventive business models and then sustained through high integrity, trustworthy and transparent teams. To this point the Capital Eye Investment team is witnessing (and continuously inspired by) how, in incredibly short periods of time, truly amazing entrepreneurial teams, through well-chosen strategic partnerships, manage to built valuable brands, release popular products and services, cultivate widespread followings, and generate enormous shareholder value and profits, often in the face of adversity. These  experiences continue to motivate and drive us to engage technological entrepreneurs towards unparalleled partnership experiences for growth.

Within our chosen investment landscape, we find ourselves amidst the next wave of a technological (or digital) revolution, one in which it is widely believed that “The Age of the Customer” has dawned. This “technological revolution” facilitated the greatest information and communication revolutions ever known to mankind, making more information more accessible than ever before, and allowing communication between people around the world to be far easier and more effective. This societal transformative force has largely been driven by the Internet as a democratic forum for discussion and dissemination.

Generally speaking, the quality and power of technology at home has at least pulled even with technology at work (if not surpassed it) and fueled through ubiquitous connectivity levels made possible by mobile telecommunication  technologies. So do billions of people constantly use a wide array of devices and apps – this well after they leave the office. The distinction between “at home” and “at work” has blurred, if not become meaningless. One can just about work and shop anywhere and at anytime these days, spawning such terms as digital commerce and virtual- or distributed companies.

The very notion of a computer is changing before our eyes. Cloud-computing and virtualization are replacing traditional back-end-processing (or computer) infrastructure. Smartphones and tablets are replacing desktops and laptops as the primary means by which people connect to the Internet, do much of their work and perform other day-to-day activities, all leading to a so-called “Bring Your Own Device” phenomena.

It is for these reasons, that the Capital Eye Investment focus is firmly grounded on technological initiatives that have the potential for creating user experiences that are interactive, socially integrated, personally tailored – and ingrained into our everyday activities. We have a proven track record and passion for partnering with founders and management, so as to help them perform and grow their businesses, with greater speed and agility, across – multi-channel consumer transaction processing; payment processing; mobile applications; financial- and value-added services applications of technology.