wiGroup – Mobile Transacting Simplified

wiGroup is a platform provider specialising in point-of-sale integrated mobile transacting, allowing consumers and businesses to transact and interact in a swift, secure and convenient manner, using their mobile devices. The wiPlatform is used by retailers, brands, agencies, banks, mobile communities and a host of other businesses looking to deliver value through mobile connectivity; including mobile coupons and vouchers, mobile money transfers, mobile rewards, and mobile payments.

Capital Eye Investments Limited (“CEI”), as a venture capital company focusing purely on technology and associated assets with a particular focus on emerging markets, invested behind wiGroup in 2008 when founder and CEO Bevan Ducasse approached CEI with an ambition to build a mobile wallet. The business soon pivoted, developing a mobile agnostic platform behind the likes of MTN’s Mobile Money and Shoprite’s EeziCoupons. In August 2013, wiGroup processed its billionth rand in transactions, and is currently rapidly approaching its second billionth.

Click here to watch wiGroup’s latest video demonstrating ‘Mobile Transacting Simplified’.

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